Code Of Beliefs

1.    we believe it is preferable for a child to wear protection for wetting. we feel that on grounds of health and hygiene, mental health (it is enormously depressing to wake up day after day, soaking wet, in a bed that smells, in cold wet clothing, feeling like the biggest loser in the universe), less strain on possessions (clothes, covers, sheets, mattresses donít constantly get urine soaked), that they allow for a better nights sleep and that it causes less clean up in the morning (a clean up that only reinforces to the child how terrible this whole situation is) which yields less stress.

2.    HOWEVER we believe a child should NEVER be forced into wearing protection.

3.    we do not believe kids CHOOSE to wet therefore children should NOT be punished, belittled, humiliated, treated as inferior or flawed or verbally chastised for wetting.

4.    we REJECT the idea wetters are lazy, stupid, regressed, unmotivated, uninterested, kids with desire to be naughty or any other of the dozens of MYTHS told about wetters.

5.    children should be encouraged NOT to see wetting as a central issue in their life. i am a wetter, but that is only a small part of the picture that is me.

6.    parents should learn as much as possible about wetting. more informed people make better choices. (info and support for parents is provided on other parts of this page)

7.    wetters tend to feel badly about themselves and the fact they wet. kids should be allowed, even encouraged, to engage in activities that make them feel better about their situation (within bounds of reason). i talk to friends who wet by e-mail, post on and read message boards for wetters, talk with friends who wet on safe teen wetter chatrooms, and read information about wetting. i even designed a web site with my bestest cyber friend.

8.     kids who wear protection should never be embarrassed or humiliated because of it. as long as the situation is functional, the wetter and her parents should AGREE on the ground rules that will be followed.

9.    different things work for different people. no ONE way of proceeding about giving a child protection should be considered RIGHT.

10.    kids who WANT to wear protection, even if it is diapers, should have that choice honored. in fact, that choice should be seen as a mature one, a sign he is becoming more able to take care of himself in productive ways.

11.    protection should be seen as simply a way to keep dry. whether the wetter wears pampers (like we do), goodnites, attends or a variety of other options, her nightwear should be treated as a means to an end. the fact your child WEARS DIAPERS should not be threatening to anybody.

12.    wetting and wearing protection MUST not be a shameful issue never discussed. parents should be open and supportive, willing to deal with fact child has physical problems beyond their control. parents should make an effort to draw their child out and help make this monster a more manageable event.

13.    my mom has 13 phobia so i ended at 13 giggle.

oh almost forgot... PAMPERS BOYS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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