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        At first the idea of a section for issues cause by the need to wear protection in public might seem at best questionable and at worst a celebration of a strange fetish. However, hundreds of thousands of kids have little or no control over their bladders during the day. This might because they were involved in an accident that caused trauma to their bladder or because of birth defects, abuse or diseases such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy. A main question for these kids is how do they survive going to school with the goal of a). staying dry and b). avoiding public humiliation. In some ways, these kids are caught in a nightmarish double bind, if they wear "diapers" they risk being seen and humiliated but if they don't they risk wetting their pants and getting mocked. Gym class in particular is fraught with danger as students are forced to disrobe. The purpose of this section for daywetters then is to allow them a forum to discuss protection strategies on how to stay dry while protecting themselves against having their self esteem destroyed. A message board is provided for back and forth communication as well as a file of comments made on other boards found on the net.

         A second harrowing public issue for kids who wet is sleepovers. Kids turn down invitations, sometimes destroying close friendships, in an effort to keep secret the fact they are a wetter. Kids have nightmares about leaking, wetting a friends bed or having the fact they wear protection discovered. Some brave kids have overcome their fears only to have their worst fears come true. Most however, like me, have found that sleepovers can be achieved with little hassle and great fun. In fact a few wetters have discovered their hosts wish to be just like their guests and have been asked if they can let their host borrow a diaper (no lie i've heard this more than once and it happened to me!!). It's a big world, you never know what you will get. This section is again to let kids discuss strategies for worry free sleepovers and discussions from other boards have been added as well.

         A third issue will be added soon. Summer camps. There is a few camps catering to kids who suffer from enuresis. We are asking their directors to submit. If you know of other camps that are friendly to enuretic kids please advise us to their existence. we are also asking wetter kids who attended camp to tell us how they handled it, use the OUTER LIMIT board to do so. If by chance, counselors from camps who dealt with enuretic kids see this we REALLY want to hear from you.

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