I am 12. I wet at night. I have grown used to the fact I wet and have made my peace with it. I have not accepted it, but I do not fight it anymore. I understand fighting gets me angry but no dryer. Time will heal. Everything seems worse when you are 9. I had frequent daytime accidents and wore diapers to school. I was teased mercilessly and my teacher made little effort to stop it. I was called every cruel name in the book and some bright kids made up names not even in the book yet. I hated life, I hated school, I hated humans. One night, in the embrace of desperation and despair, i just cried all night, I couldn't stop i knew things would never be better. 3 months later, for reasons no one can quite explain, I stopped wetting during the day.

      Rugrats is for the youngest among us. We know very few 9 and 10 year olds troll around the net. For those few who do, this is for them. Please send in your BRIEF life stories. Please send decorations suitable for the RUGRATS room. Anyway now, let the kids play!!!



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