5 Million Friends (support for sleep wetters preteen to 15) bedwetting or being a bedwetter is nothing to be ashamed of.

This is our page (everyones).
We created this page in 1998.
I'm Casper, Bingo's over there *points
east* This is our page for night-wetters
preteen to 15. We made this page because at
the time there wern't any web pages just for....us.
There are over 5 million kids in the US who accidently
wet each night. Over 5 Million!!! just like us!!! hundreds
of thousands of kids 10-16 think they are the only kid around
that still wets the bed at night. But its not true. We
are everywhere! Just think how many kids wet worldwide.

       The 7 sections of our page

The first section:
Code of Beliefs

       we think the Code of Beliefs is one of the most important parts so please read it.

The second section:

       There's many links for information on bedwetting. The main point of it is to let whoever's reading this know..... It's not your fault!!!..... Really!!! We can't help if we wet the bed. And most of the time, it goes away, just takes time is all. I've heard of so many stories of other kids who feel like it's their fault and whose parents punish them for it. Its not right and it shouldn't happen.

The next section is called
Outer Limits

       Everyone has to live in the real world, like it or not. Thousands of kids cannot control their bladders during the day, but still have to go to school. We are invited to go sleepovers and go on trips. This section is for us to talk about how to live with being a wetter outside the house.

The next section is for

       This section has more links, and a message board for parents to talk to other parents. Understanding what is happening, and how to help. Since there's no instruction book on raising kids, this could be a nice reference guide for this problem.

The next section is about Protection

       Basically.....wetting the bed and waking up in a wet bed is not fun. Kids all over have made the decision to keep their beds dry by wearing protection. Goodnites alone rack up millions of dollars in sales. This section is about using protection, to keep you dry, to keep your bed dry, and to sleep comfortably.

We made a Rug Rats section specially for kids 10 and under.

       In it, kids can find that their stories are not that different from other kids all over the world. There's also a messageboard. We especially thank Kev and Tiege for helping create this page :o)

The last section is for

       This section is special. This is where we can talk. About things a lot of us can't talk about anywhere else. There's a kids message board there, and a chat room!!! oh! parents are welcome, but only with their child.

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